Sunday, October 30, 2011

Project Update: Omeka

Even though I have more research to do and more photos to round up, I've started add some content to the project website. My only experience preparing and adding original content to a website has been from blogging and using a content management system at work. So I'm using Omeka because I thought it would work well for what I have -- lots of photos from different sources that will help tell the history of Robinson's schools and show the architectural elements that indicate they are Robinson's work.

I'm uncertain exactly what information should go into which fields when adding new items. It reminds me a bit of cataloging a collection item.

Another challenge is figuring out how I can present the information I have about him and each school. I'm thinking that I will use a simple page to give an overview of Robinson's work in Northern Virginia, with information on each school, like when it was built, what materials were used, what evidence there is to attribute it to Robinson, how it was used and modified, etc. Then I'll incorporate that information into the item descriptions. Almost feels like I'm going to be writing a paper and then cannibalizing it but I think that's the best way to make this work.

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