Thursday, October 27, 2011

Project Update: List of Schools

Compiling a list of possible Robinson schools is a bit more challenging than I thought it would be, but in a good way. I'm finding more strong candidates than I thought, reconsidering at least one school and trying to assess two others that I have little documentation for.

Another challenge is the names of the schools. As tempted as I am to call them by their original names, in most cases those names don't reflect how the schools would be recognized by the public.The Franklin Sherman School opened in 1914 as the McLean School but was renamed for the community leader who coordinated the drive to open it and who died shortly after his concept became a reality. The old Bennett School in Manassas was built as the Manassas Agricultural School but only existed in that capacity for a couple years. Still its name reflects its historical significance as the first agricultural high school in Virginia.

So in an Excel file, I'm using multiple names for the same building and my plan is to use the name of the building it was known by when the photo was taken. I think I'll be able to connect them to their different uses and names through descriptions, tags and a related items plug-in.

Here's my working list so far, in no particular order:

McLean School/Franklin Sherman/McLean Teen Center
Herndon High
West End School
Lee School for Girls/Prince Street School/Virginia Tech Washington Alexandria Architecture Center
Clarendon School/Matthew F. Maury School/Arlington Arts Center
Round Hill School
Eastern College/Swavely School/Manassas State Vocational School
Bailey's School/George Mason Collge
Floris School
Cherrydale School
Agricultural School/Bennett School
Lucketts School/Lucketts Community Center
Fort Myer Heights School/Wilson School/Mongolian School

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