Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Project Update: Content Complete

So after organizing the exhibit with pages and sections, I was pretty much all set to add copy and I had started to do that when some more photos came through. I had really needed images showing the Ballston and Franklin Sherman schools as schools. The only images I had showed them as they were used after the schools had closed.

A couple weeks ago I sent a message to the Arlington Historical Society and we had exchanged emails but I didn't think I would hear back in time. Then late Sunday night, they came through. One great thing about this being a web project is that I didn't have to wait for a high-res file because the image I had found online was adequate and I just needed their permission.

I also reached out to Bob Stoy, a genealogist with a great website about his family from Northern Virginia. He had an excellent photo of Franklin Sherman when it first opened and not only did he let me use it, but he sent two other images of the school.

But, because there's always a "but" with my school projects, I couldn't find the documentation I thought I had identifying Robinson as the Franklin Sherman architect. I was sure I had it but when I searched through my notes, I couldn't find anything. I'm still convinced it's his work. It just kills me not to be able to have the paper trail.

Probably shouldn't admit this here but my notes were sort of a mess. I'm used to taking notes and getting photocopies and with this project I was also taking photos of the subjects, taking photos of source materials, and using Zotero. So I had to search four or five different places for every fact. I thought I was on top of it and I guess I was because I did have a lot of good documentation, but not being able to find what I needed for that one school seriously pissed me off. Maybe I never had it but that's so not like me.

So the only thing left to do is send thank you messages and links to all who shared photos.

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