Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Project Update: Social Media

I've been trying to nail down what happened with the two schools Robinson designed in 1914 for Arlington. Specifically, his commission list shows the Ballston School in February and the Barcroft School in March, and both were identified as being in Alexandria County, which is what Arlington was called then. I had planned to go back to the library in Arlington to see what the school board minutes said.

But then earlier this week, the Arlington Historical Society posted this on Facebook.

This is a digital history class and we've discussed using social media for research, so how could I resist? I posted what I knew and asked for suggestions on the Barcroft School. Not only did I get a response but also a link to some digitized maps.

Then AHS posted a fine image of the former Ballston School after it had become a restaurant and an explanation with sources!

Earlier in the semester, I might have been willing to see what others came up with but I really did have to figure out quickly what the deal was with the Barcroft School. So I went to the library today and found my answer, which I posted.

But what a great response from AHS and its helpful Facebook fans! Love how one person asked what my documentation was and added that it "may be a bit optimistic," because that was dead on. I had said that the schools were built in 1914 but really what I knew is that the plans were commissioned then.

I "like" Arlington Historical Society!

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